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Canada Buying Group (or “CBG”) is a buying group that allows you to quickly accumulate cash back and credit card points without actually having to lay out any cash to do so. CBG seeks to purchase specific items from various online retailers and enlists the help of you, our members, to do so. Earn cash back and credit card points through 3 easy steps:

  1. CBG advises you about the items it is currently buying via e-mail and/or Whatsapp;
  2. You buy the requested items online and ship it to our warehouse; no handling of the items are required;
  3. CBG will send you an electronic payment via direct deposit to reimburse you for what you spent within 7 business days of us receiving the items you sent to us.

Our seamless system means that you never have to handle any items and allows you to potentially spend tens of thousands of dollars a month to help you earn credit card points and cash back. You can also earn additional cash or points by purchasing through online portals such as Rakuten (formerly Ebates) and the Aeroplan eStore.

Please contact support@buyinggroup.ca for more information.

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